Disturbing Details Emerge; More Arrests in Arkansas Horse Theft The roping horse named Credit Card was killed.

Sentencing Scheduled for Jaci Jackson in Stolen Horse Case

After multiple delays, sentencing dates are set for the final defendant in the Southern Arkansas University stolen horse case from 2011.

Defendant Jaci Rae Jackson is scheduled to learn her fate in Oklahoma on January 27. She entered a blind plea of guilty in August 2013 to felony animal cruelty, knowingly concealing stolen property, and bringing stolen property across state lines. Jackson received no deal from McCurtain County District Attorney Mark Matloff.

Jackson pleaded guilty in April in Arkansas to six counts of conspiracy to commit theft of property. She is now scheduled for sentencing in Columbia County on February 6. ” … we will not be asking for any delay beyond that date. If they don’t deal with it in Oklahoma, we’ll deal with it here,” deputy Prosecutor David Butler told Columbia County Circuit Court Judge Larry Chandler.
Prosecutors state that Jackson faces up to 30 years in prison in Arkansas and up to 25 years in prison in Oklahoma for her crimes.
Five horses, a horse trailer, and tack were stolen from SAU’s rodeo stable in November 2011. Four of the horses were found emaciated in Oklahoma, tied to trees and left to die. The fifth horse named Credit Card was found dead. The quarter horse gelding had been shot, his throat slit, and his body dismembered.
Jackson’s mother and co-defendant, Wendi Cox, received a 60-year sentence for her crimes related to the SAU theft. She is serving her time behind bars.