Ryan Champion pleads guilty to killing his sister Emily Champion, DVM and their parents. Ryan Champion is accused of killing his sister, equine veterinarian Emily Champion, DVM, their parents, and the hitman. 

Ryan Champion Speaks After Indictment

Ryan Champion mugshot

The Kentucky man accused of killing his family, including his equine veterinarian sister, says the evidence against him isn’t “as strong as they led everyone to believe.”

Ryan Champion allegedly hired a hitman to kill his family — then offed the assassin as well.

Champion spoke to WKDZ/WHVO Radio, in an exclusive interview, after a five count indictment was handed down last week by a Trigg County Grand Jury. Despite the charges, Champion maintains he didn’t do it. “This is a good time to celebrate. This is the first chink in their armor.”

Champion is charged with three counts of complicity to commit capital murder, one count of complicity to capital kidnapping, and a single count of capital murder.
Louisiana equine veterinarian, Emily Champion, was found dead along with her parents, Lindsey and Joy Champion, at the couple’s Trigg County home late last month. Dr. Champion was visiting her parents before she started a new job.
Also found dead was Vito Riservato, the man authorities now say was hired by Champion to kill his family. According to court documents, Riservato was shot in the face.
Champion was the lone survivor. He told local media after the murders he was able to “turn the tables” on the shooter.
“I really look forward to a time when I can get out of here, but I’m really looking forward to, either way, leaving all of this behind me and trying to dig back up a normal life and grieve for my family in a way that I have not yet been allowed to,” Champion said.
Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the case against Champion, but have not revealed a motive.
Champion is being held on $5 million bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned on December 10th.