Despite aggressive veterinary intervention, the coffin bone came through the sole of the hoof. The foot “turned to mush” and Awesome Ashley was euthanized.

Robert Dimitt Waives Prelim in Animal Cruelty Case

Horse Cruelty Case

An Oklahoma horse trainer accused of mutilating horses’ feet waived his right to his preliminary hearing Friday. Robert Dimitt will stand trial for five counts of felony animal cruelty.

Dimitt accepted the animal cruelty charges after a key witness for the prosecution was sworn-in during Dimitt’s preliminary hearing.

Court records give a glimpse into the woman’s knowledge and potential testimony. As a Dimitt employee, she witnessed the alleged torture until she quit around June 2015. “The horses would shake in pain and some would even scream,” the woman told authorities.

Robert Dimitt

Documents state Dimitt’s former employee tried to stop the horrific cruelty, but Dimitt allegedly threatened her life.

She told authorities:

“I (no) longer could take the depression of fearing [for] my life and watching innocent horses be (tortured) to death… I heard shortly after I got home ASHLEY’s FREIGHT TRAIN died, CLOUDSAFLYING died and GOLD DIGGING ASHLEY was fighting for her life and they had to put down AWESOME ASHLEY all due to the obsession of cruelty that Robert Dimmit did to those horses [sic].

Dimitt’s arraignment is scheduled for August 11. A trial date has not been scheduled.

Dimitt, in his orange and white striped shirt, was overheard by an eyewitness telling Doug Carr that he was free to go. “They called it – I’m good,” Dimitt reportedly told Carr with a big smile.

Carr was also slated to testify during the preliminary hearing. Court records state Carr “observed Dimitt cut on the hooves of the horses … to the point where the hooves [bled].”

Dimitt is out on $25,000 bond. As a condition of his bond, he is not to be in any stable or near any horses.

If you see Dimitt working on horses at a farm, track or tribal racing property, authorities ask that you report it to the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department at (918) 775-9155.

You can also contact us with any documentation necessary to alert authorities.

Dimitt faces 25-years in prison if convicted of his alleged crimes.


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