Remembering Credit Card

Remembering Credit Card

Update July 24, 2017

In Memory

The roping horse named Credit Card, owned by Shaun Smith was found dead six years ago.

The sorrel Quarter Horse was killed by the callous predators that stole him and his four stablemates in early November 2011. Authorities say their motive was money, however, it isn’t clear why they killed Credit Card. One thing is clear – Credit Card’s story captivated the nation.

 A very special thank you to Dustin Craig and his band Buck Sixx for providing us the original song “Her Heart Is A Rodeo”. 


Jaci Jackson

Authorities released Jaci Jackson from prison on Monday, November 23, 2015. She served less than two years behind bars in an Arkansas prison.

Her mother, the mastermind behind the plot, Wendi Cox, is serving a 60-year prison sentence. And Cox’s former love interest, William “Billy” Hamilton, Jr., became eligible for parole in July 2017.

Stay with us as we continue to cover any appeals.

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