Animal Cruelty Conviction

Reiner Pleads Guilty for Abusive Horse Training Methods

A Canadian reining professional has pleaded guilty for using abusive training techniques on his horses.

Kyle Ronald Weston, formerly of Alberta, was sentenced to pay a fine of $4,000. His attorney entered a guilty plea on his behalf to four counts of causing an animal distress.

The Alberta SPCA received an abuse complaint in March 2013 regarding the Weston Reiners owner aggressively spurring and reining a horse, causing injury. The witness provided photographic evidence of the horse’s injuries which included “numerous deep cuts to its sides” and “bleeding from the mouth”.[irp]

A video was also supplied of Weston injuring another horse the month prior.

Additional witnesses came forward during the investigation. The Alberta SPCA said in a statement, “his methods included using spurs intended to cut into the flesh, tying back a horse’s head and withholding feed and water.”

Weston Reiners, also known as Weston Performance Horses, is now based in British Columbia.