Horse Employment Background Check



Note: The Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) requires an applicant’s written consent prior to a criminal background check. This includes independent contractors and freelance workers. When you purchase your $35 criminal background check, you receive the necessary consent form.

This is a criminal background check, not a credit check. There is no credit inquiry.


Horse Pre-Employment Screening

Before hiring for your next available horse job, invest $35 in this FRCA compliant pre-employment background check. Confirm your equestrian candidates are who they claim. Above all, don’t fall victim to someone living under a fake identity due to a criminal record or another issue.

Take control, mitigate risk, and hire confidently. 


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Easy, Effective, Secure Horse Employee Screening

  1. Complete your purchase. You will receive a unique order number, a downloadable consent form, along with a link to Horse Authority’s secure background check portal.
  2. Have applicant fill out the consent form legibly, with signature, and return it to you.
  3. Login to secure background check portal and enter applicant’s information. Keep the consent form for your records.
  4. Background screening results are provided directly to you, on average, within two to three business days.

Horse Authority does NOT have access to any background check results.