Horse Adoption Background Check for Equine/Pet Adopters


Is your non-profit horse rescue [pet rescue] ready to upgrade its horse adoption or pet adoption screening process?

Horse Authority is offering a limited number of slots to help support horse rescues committed to the highest standards of horse welfare.

Those selected will receive valuable benefits including donations, marketing assistance, and more.

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Horse and Pet Rescues

Improve the chances that your horse rescues’ horses won’t need rescuing in the future. Before your horse rescue adopts another horse to a new home, it’s time to consider adding a background check as part of your horse rescue’s due diligence process for all potential animal adopters.

Or maybe your organization needs to implement a screening method for the first time.

A $35 FRCA compliant background check confirms your potential horse adopter is who they claim, and as a result provides a historical picture of the individual, their past decisions, and any convictions that would make them an unsuitable animal adopter or owner. The key is learning this PRIOR to placing your rescue animal!

Consequently, animal cruelty is often a low-level crime which makes it easier to hide.

Flush out animal cruelty records as a result of hoarding, animal abuse, neglect, animal sex crimes, and more. Additionally, financial crimes may also make an individual unsuitable. 

Adopt your rescues to new homes confidently even if you’ve never used background checks to screen animal adopters previously!


Easy, Effective, and Secure Horse Adoption Background Check

  1. First, complete your purchase. You will receive a unique order number, a downloadable consent form, along with a link to the Horse Authority secure background check portal.
  2. Have the potential horse adopter fill out the consent form legibly, with signature, and return it to you.
  3. Login to secure background check portal and enter the applicant’s information. Keep the consent form for your records.
  4. Background screening results are provided directly to you, on average, within two to three business days.


Alternatively, you can have prospective horse adopters complete the Self-Background Check and provide you with the results.


Horse Authority does NOT have access to any background check results.