Did Tara Sanders shoot Platinum Ticket? Tara Michelle Sanders shown on left is part of the kill pen network. WARNING: The end of the video may be too graphic for some. User discretion is advised.

Platinum Ticket: 80K American Horses Shipped to Slaughter [VIDEO]

Platinum Ticket’s Final Ride

It’s a story about multiple people throwing away a once-successful racehorse turned hunter/jumper named Platinum Ticket after he’s no longer useful to them.

A documentary by Animals’ Angels USA exposes what it calls “the horrors of the horse slaughter pipeline”.

When the film begins, the gray Thoroughbred finds himself injured, emaciated, and at a low-end auction. Consequently, the viewer gets a peek at Platinum Ticket’s happier days. It was before he and dozens of other horses are bought by known kill buyer Tara Michelle Sanders of Louisiana, on behalf of Thompson’s Horse Lot and Co.

Then go behind the scenes and see how this kill pen that operates a “broker program” treats horses. These are the people claiming that horses are just hours from shipping to slaughter. In reality, many are not in danger of that fate, according to Animals’ Angels. The group adds the broker’s true intent is to sell the horses at high prices.



Learn more about the project at Animals’ Angels.