Photo of Alleged Horse Killer in Arkansas Horse Theft A photo of William "Billy" Hamilton obtained by Rate My Horse PRO

Photo of Alleged Horse Killer in Arkansas Horse Theft

 As Jaci Rae Jackson awaits extradition to Oklahoma, we are learning more about William “Billy” Hamilton. Horse Authority obtained a photo of the alleged horse killer in the Arkansas horse theft case.

Hamilton has a reputation as a “horse trader” and livestock thief. He is currently wanted in Arkansas on open warrants for matters not involving the five stolen horses. Officials say a bench warrant from November 2009 was issued stemming from a theft of property case which involved cattle.

He has also been wanted by Child Support Enforcement for past due child support since July 2009. They have an Order for Body Attachment, which means he would be taken into custody until he pays the $2000 in past due child support.

Passion runs deep through the horse community and many are asking why Hamilton, who also goes by the name Willy W. Hamilton, hasn’t been arrested. According to one probable cause affidavit, Jackson “watched as Credit Card was shot in the head and had its throat slit by a William “Billy” Hamilton.” Sergeant Donald Wray from the Southern Arkansas University System Police says, “The investigation is ongoing.”

Although Hamilton was named in the affidavit for Jackson’t recent arrest, a warrant has not been issued for his arrest in relation to the Arkansas stolen horse case.


Bench Warrant for William Hamilton

Order for Body Attachment for William Hamilton