Pennsylvania Horse Rescue Operator Charged with Animal Cruelty

A Pennsylvania horse rescue operator is charged with animal cruelty after the seizure of 10 horses.

Crystal Davis of the purported rescue A Life Saved is a Life Saved Equine Rescue faces 12 summary charges.

Authorities say during a May seizure from the Lancaster County property the horses didn’t have hay, water or the proper shelter. Each charge represents the horses seized from the property and two that were placed prior to the seizure.

‘Rescue’ horses brought to the property allegedly left in worst condition due to the lack of necessary medical care and basic dietary needs.

The horses are being cared for by the Lancaster SPCA. The group reports a foal suffered from pneumonia and almost died. At least five horses had strangles.

A Life Saved is a Life Saved Equine Rescue is not a 501(c)3 charity. It is also not registered with the state to solicit donations. Davis ran the purported rescue off Facebook.

Davis’ son, Joseph McMillen, faces the same charges since he was also responsible for their care.

Davis is scheduled for a July 29 summary trial.[irp]



September 9, 2016

Charges dropped against Crystal Davis and her son after the filing humane officer, Susan Martin, had her authority recently revoked. For more go here.