Virginia Horse Rescuer Investigated for Animal Abuse after Dead A horse rescued from the purported rescue Peaceable Farm.

Peaceable Farm Embezzlement Case Stalled after Attorneys Fired

Anne Shumate Williams aka Anne Goland

The embezzlement case against the former operator of the Virginia horse rescue Peaceable Farm hit a delay Friday.Anne Goland aka Anne Shumate Williams Embezzlement Case

The court was ready to hear motions filed by Anne Goland’s defense team. Instead, Goland, who also goes by the name Anne Shumate Williams, told the judge she fired her attorney John Zwerling.

Michael HuYoung, associate counsel, withdrew from her case.

Authorities accuse Goland of embezzling funds from the now-defunct Peaceable Farm horse rescue. She allegedly wrote checks from the horse rescue’s account for her own use at least 13 times, court records state.

Orange County Circuit Judge Daniel Bounton told Goland he will not allow her to manipulate his court and delay proceedings by firing and hiring multiple attorneys.

If convicted of embezzlement, Goland faces prison time. Her next court date is scheduled for April 3. Goland must have representation at the hearing.

Authorities also accuse the former horse rescue operator of maltreating dozens of horses and small animals, many of which were dead. Goland heads to trial on March 31 in the animal cruelty case.