Seminole County Sheriff deputies found cocaine, Diazepam, and alcohol at the scene of the single-car crash.

Orlando Equine Veterinarian Charged with DUI, Cocaine Possession

Hiding under trampoline

A central Florida equine veterinarian is facing felony charges for possessing cocaine and a schedule IV controlled substance.

Prosecutors charged Scott Langton with driving under the influence after he crashed his BMW into a tree. Scott Langton DVM is charged with possession of cocaine and a schedule IV drug, DUI and more January 2017Langton fled the scene of the single-car crash on foot during the early hours of January 5 in Oviedo.

An eyewitness told authorities he checked on Langton after the crash, the arrest report states. Langton reportedly told the good samaritan he could not “blow” because he is a pilot. Langton asked the man to drive him, and his beer, away from the scene.

Authorities arrived to find no driver, only Bud Light beer cans scattered throughout the road.

Deputies and a helicopter searched for Langton. They found him hiding under a nearby trampoline.

A deputy searched Langton and found a white bottle of schedule IV Diazepam 10 mg tablets and a clear tube of a white powdered substance. Langton told the deputy the latter was cocaine and he allegedly admitted he took some with a girl.

Langton owns the Orlando veterinary practice Avalon Veterinary Clinic. He is DEA certified by the Controlled Substances Act but told the deputy “he was getting rid of the expired Diazepam pills”.

The Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine placed Langton on probation for one year last April.

“Post Miranda [rights]… I smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic type beverage coming from his breath and he was unsteady on his feet. I asked Scott if he had been drinking and he replied he had 3 beers with a girl he just met,” the report states.

Langton consented to a field sobriety test. “He showed several signs of impairment,” leading to his arrest. He complained of chest pains. The hospital treated Langton before releasing him to jail.

Langton is out on $24,000 bond. He waived his arraignment and pleaded not guilty.


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