Oklahoma Prosecutor: No Deal for Jaci Rae Jackson

There will be no deal for Jaci Rae Jackson in Oklahoma. The Southern Arkansas University rodeo team member faces felony charges in Oklahoma and Arkansas for her alleged role in the theft of five rodeo horses.

“Those involved will go to trial,” says McCurtain County District Attorney Mark Matloff.

In early November 2011, horses belonging to University rodeo team members were stolen along with a trailer and tack. Four of the horses were recovered although they had been left in the woods to die. The fifth horse, Credit Card, was found in late November dead. He had been killed.

Jackson’s preliminary hearing has been scheduled for March 13 for the horse theft case and an unrelated arson case. She is charged with one count of arson in the second degree for allegedly helping her Mom, Wendie Cox, burn their house down. Court documents show that Jackson told multiple friends she was asked to burn the house by her mother so she could collect the “insurance money” and also “pay for a surgery.”

Cox’s preliminary hearing is also scheduled that day. She is charged with one count of arson in the second degree and one count of making a false insurance claim. In August 2010, Cox’s home burned down. The cause was later determined to be arson.

Jackson and Cox remain free on bond.