Oklahoma Horse Trailer Dealer Sentenced to Prison for Fraud Ericka Smith also goes by the name Ericka Benman. She taught horseback riding lessons at Norman Riding Academy.

UPDATE: Oklahoma Horse Trailer Dealer Sentenced to Prison for Fraud


Thirty-four-year-old Ericka K. Smith, who also goes by the name Ericka Benman, is now serving her time in an Oklahoma prison. A judge sentenced Smith to serve 63 months in prison for fraud of almost $1.5 million.

She resides at FMC Carswell for female offenders in Tarrant County, Texas.  She is slated for release on July 1, 2022.


Losses almost $1.5 million

published September 29, 2017

A judge sentenced an Oklahoma woman on Tuesday to 63 months in federal prison for using a horse trailer dealership to defraud almost $1.5 million. Ericka Kathleen Smith, 34, now goes by Ericka Benman, according to court documents from Cleveland County.

Benman, of Norman, pleaded guilty in January to bank and bankruptcy fraud. She bought and sold horse trailers and trucks through the trailer business registered as Longhorn Ranch Trailer Sales of Kansas City Inc, a Kansas company.

Benman defrauded Frontier State Bank in May 2011 by making false statements about her income when applying for a loan. The loan allowed her to purchase a truck for $68,000. It was collateral to protect the bank’s funds. She created a false lien release to sell the truck to a Texas customer of Longhorn Ranch Trailer Sales for $73,000. Benman failed to notify the bank.

Benman also committed fraud during her 2012 bankruptcy by giving false testimony regarding the sold truck financed by Frontier State Bank. She claimed she sold it to a person in Calfornia for $16,000.

The court found that Benman’s fraud caused almost $1.5 million in losses and involved “sophisticated means”.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigated the case leading to Benman’s prosecution by Assistant U.S. Attorney Kerry A. Kelly.

The defendant’s sentence also includes five years supervised release and almost $1.2 million in restitution to eight financial institutions.

Benman begins her prison sentence on October 31.

Norman Riding Academy

Benman operates Norman Riding Academy where she offers horseback riding lessons and horse training. She advertises that Ericka Benman Performance Horses operates out of Norman Riding Academy, which is located at 1500 60th Avenue Northwest in Norman.

Convicted Federal Felon Ericka Benman aka Ericka K Smith continues selling Groupons for Norman Riding Academy
Buyer Beware – Groupon Ad for Norman Riding Academy

Benman offers group and private English and Western horseback riding lessons for children and adults. Despite Benman’s upcoming prison date, the Norman Riding Academy is still offering Groupons for sale. We have made Groupon aware of the issue.

It does not appear that her farm’s clients are aware of her identity or federal crimes. We attempted to reach several through social media, but none have responded.