Ohio Man Accused of Sawing Injured Horse’s Leg Off: Update

Animal Cruelty

Ohio's Mark Hill is wanted by Morrow County Sheriff deputies for animal cruelty.

Ohio authorities say 58-year-old Mark Hill turned himself in after officials obtained an arrest warrant for animal cruelty. Hill, of Fredericktown, allegedly cut off his injured horse’s leg with a saw.

The Morrow County Sheriff’s department initially asked the public for help finding Hill.

The agency is investigating the incident so information remains limited. Sources tell ABC 6/FOX 28 that one of Hill’s horses recently broke its leg. Hill allegedly amputated the leg above the knee using a saw rather than seeking veterinarian treatment for the horse.

The Morrow County Humane Society seized the horse before euthanizing the animal.

Hill faces a second-degree misdemeanor, which means he could serve up to six months in jail if convicted.