USEF Temporarily Suspends NJ Jumper Trainer Devin Ryan Devin Ryan competing 

USEF Temporarily Suspends NJ Jumper Trainer Devin Ryan


Update September 3, 2015
New Jersey jumper trainer Devin Ryan has been temporarily suspended by the United States Equestrian Federation. The move comes days after Ryan was kicked out of the Hampton Classic Horse Show accused of horse abuse.
Ryan is scheduled to go before the Hearing Committee on Friday, September 4, according to USEF, regarding the temporary suspension. Sources close to the investigation say Ryan allegedly “blistered” horses legs.
“The Hampton Classic considers the welfare of the horse to be of utmost importance and has absolutely no tolerance for abuse,” said the competition’s Executive Director Shanette Barth Cohen.
Ryan, of Long Valley, was turned into stewards by an alert schooling supervisor on August 28. The stewards, with the help of show veterinarian Dr. Isaiah Robinson, DVM assessed Ryan’s five horses prior to his dismissal from the show grounds. Cohen says the show’s veterinarian confirmed there was evidence of abuse.
Ryan, of River Run Stables, won the Split Rock Farm $30,000 6-year-old Young Jumper Championship East Coast Regional Final on Eddie Blue earlier that day.
“The charges [alleged] are very unfortunate,” steward Maria Biancone says. “As licensed officials we acted swiftly and did the right thing.” She did not want to go into specifics regarding the injuries involved. The horses barred from the show included client horses.
Biancone says the steward report she and steward Ralph Alfano completed was turned into USEF on Tuesday.
We contacted USEF regarding the allegations on Monday, but did not receive a response until Thursday. Cruelty and horse abuse are covered in section GR839 of the rule book.
In a statement, the association states regardless of the outcome of the temporary hearing’s outcome, Ryan will go before the Hearing Committee at the next scheduled session in November. After that hearing, a decision will be issued within 60 days.
Rate My Horse PRO attempted to reach Ryan, but did not receive a call back.
September 21 – USEF lifts Devin Ryan’s temporary suspension.