NJ Court Rules in Favor of Rate My Horse PRO

NJ Court Rules in Favor of Rate My Horse PRO

A New Jersey Court ruled in favor of Rate My Horse PRO against Amber Hill Farm.

In its 12 page opinion released Friday, the Court dismissed without prejudice Rate My Horse PRO from Amber Hill Farm’s amended complaint. It states “Amber Hill has failed to state any claim against Rate My Horse Pro.”

In doing so, the Court determined that Rate My Horse PRO is immune from suit under the Communications Decency Act.

“We said from the beginning, we believed this suit was an attempt to silence our reporting within the horse community. The court has spoken. If Amber Hill Farm attempts to refile the pleading, it will be met once again with a vigorous defense and claims for attorney fees,” says Debbie Hanson, Director of Media Relations for Rate My Horse PRO.

The judge granted Amber Hill Farm’s cross-motion for leave to file an amended complaint stating “leave to amend should be liberally granted in the interest of justice and without consideration of the merits of the proposed amendment.”

Defendant Samantha Lawton-Duthie has filed a motion to dismiss in the case.

Pony trainer Elizabeth Mandarino is Amber Hill Farm’s managing member.


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