Motion Filed to Sell Crundwell Horses Rita Crundwell and Cowboys Style photo © AQHA

Motion Filed to Sell Crundwell Horses

Federal prosecutors filed a motion today seeking permission from the court to sell hundreds of registered quarter horses belonging to disgraced AQHA breeder Rita Crundwell. Crundwell is accused of stealing $53 million from her former employer, the City of Dixon, to purchase and support her horses.
Court documents state the financial responsibilities relating to the proper care of the horses is burdensome. Specifically, the broodmares’ need for medical attention is cited, as they carry their foals to term, and give birth.
Crundwell agreed to the sale of the horses and the other items forfeited, although by doing so, documents state she is not admitting guilt. Other items that could also be up for sale include 21 embryos, 13 saddles, and frozen semen from eight stallions. The proceeds from the sale would be maintained in an escrow account by the US Marshals Service.
Last month, Judge Philip Reinhard ruled that five of Crundwell’s properties and her $2.1 million motor home could be sold.
Prosecutors allege that Crundwell financed her extravagant lifestyle which included two farms, multiple homes, jewelry, and top show horses, with the proceeds she stole from the residents of Dixon.
The judge has not ruled on the motion.
View Documents includes list of horses owned by Rita Crundwell