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Missouri Walking Horse Stable Owner Charged with Child Sex Abuse

 David Davenport walking horse trainer charged with sodomy and child molestation lives in MissouriA Missouri stable owner is facing multiple counts of child sex abuse after he allegedly made unwanted sexual advances toward two underage stable employees. David Davenport, 56, of Rogersville, is charged with sodomy, two counts of child molestation, and assault.

The investigation began after law enforcement received two reports from girls that previously worked for Davenport’s D&D Horse Stables. The probable cause affidavit states a 15-year old female said when she worked at the farm he made comments that made her uncomfortable and that he touched her inappropriately. The girl also said the defendant made her stick her hands on top of his pants and rub his penis.

Davenport denied the allegations and told authorities “if anything inappropriate happened it would have been an accident and was in professional manner [sic]”, according to court documents.

The teen told another girl that worked at the barn about the alleged abuse. Court documents state the friend, also 15-years old, experienced similar incidents. She told authorities Davenport put his finger into a hole in her jeans near her hip. While his finger was inside the hole he moved it, touching her skin. He allegedly told the girl, “just let it happen”.

The teen told him to stop and tried to get out of a chair, but Davenport allegedly knocked her down with his stomach. He put his finger into the hole of the girl’s jeans again. She was able to take off when he moved to the side of the chair.

When questioned by authorities, Davenport stated he might have put his finger in the hole of the teen’s jeans, but he couldn’t remember for sure.

Both girls told authorities the defendant made “remarkably similar statements” about getting away with it before with “other girls”. Davenport allegedly told them no one would believe them.

In 2013, another teen stable worker reported similar incidents to authorities.

Davenport’s D&D Stables offers training, sales, and horse boarding. It also stands the stallion Armed And Ritzy, according to an ad. Davenport is also involved in the walking horse show world as a trainer/exhibitor and horse show manager.

According to a Horse Protection Act (HPA) report, he has been cited 5 times for HPA violations as recently as 2013.

The defendant is out on $40,000 bond. As a condition of Davenport’s bond, he is to have no contact with children under 17-years old.

Davenport is scheduled to be back in court on February 10.