Lost Horses in Kentucky cross the road. photo © Kentucky Humane Society

Lost, Abandoned Horse Database Launches in Kentucky

Stray horses may not be a common sight in most places, but it is an issue Kentucky struggles with, according to one commissioner. Officials say they have launched a new tool to help owners find their lost horses.
Kentucky horse owners can now search for a lost equine using a new database created by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. A new state law requires counties to contract with licensed veterinarians to document a lost or abandoned horse. The horse’s information and two photos are entered into the website.
Agriculture Commissioner James Comer says the database will benefit owners, horses, and bring about savings. “This database will help owners of missing horses to find them and bring them home. The law that requires us to maintain the database also streamlines the process of managing stray and abandoned horses and helps counties reduce their costs.”
Under the new law, the county and the person holding the horse must be reimbursed for all expenses by the person claiming the horse.
Stray horses must now be held 15 days, not 90 days, before the person holding the horse can claim it or sell it. The 15-day period does not begin until the horse’s information is properly filed and posted on the Stray or Abandoned Equine Database.