Dayle Kountz Stallion Left to Suffer with Bloody Stump

Kountz Animal Cruelty Trial On Hold


The trial of a Montana arena owner accused of torturing his stallion is on hold as the defense appeals recent rulings by the court. Dayle Kountz is charged with aggravated animal cruelty and cruelty to animals.

The court denied additional motions to dismiss filed by the defense. Kountz’ attorney said he plans to appeal the decision to the Montana Supreme Court. The judge vacated Kountz’ April 18 trial, while the supreme court considers the appeal.

Kountz was charged after the emaciated stallion was found in March 2015 at Kountz Arena with only a bloody stump instead of a leg. The horse Young Doc Bar was injured in December 2014, but was never provided veterinary care, documents say.

Kountz is also accused of allowing a comatose calf to suffer.