Kentucky Horse Trader Charged with Animal Cruelty

Kentucky Horse Trader Charged with Animal Cruelty, 49 Horses Dead

Updated April 17, 2014

A horse trader facing charges after more than four dozen dead horses were found on his Kentucky farm pleaded not guilty. Larry Browning is charged with 15 counts of animal cruelty in the second degree and 49 counts of not disposing of an animal carcass properly.

Fourteen emaciated horses were removed from the mud and manure soaked Pendleton County property to receive treatment. Browning could face more charges once it is known how the 49 horses died, according to authorities.

Authorities say they received a tip in February and have been investigating Browning. There was reportedly limited hay available, but not enough to feed the horses. Eighteen horses deemed in good enough shape remain on the site where the rotting carcasses were found.

This is not the first time the known kill buyer has been scrutinized over the care of his horses. In 2011, Browning was investigated after ten of his horses were euthanized. Browning alleged people would leave sick horses on his property overnight, a claim often made by horse abusers. Charges were never filed.