Marlena Robinson of Bedford, KY entered plea in animal cruelty case after dozens of dead animals were found on her farm.

Kentucky Horse Owner Pleads in Animal Cruelty Death Case

Dozens of dead animals including horses

A plea deal will keep a Kentucky woman out of jail in an animal cruelty case involving more than a dozen dead horses.

Marlena Robinson takes plea deal in animal cruelty case where more than 20 horses were found dead.
Marlena Robinson

Marlena Robinson of Bedford entered an Alford plea last week to 2 of 97 counts she faced. One count is for misdemeanor animal cruelty and the other is for improper carcass disposal. An Alford plea allows the defendant to enter a guilty plea without admitting guilt.

Authorities arrested Robinson in February after finding dozens of dead animals including horses, alpacas, goats, cats, and rabbits. Thirteen horses were found alive, starving on her property.

The judge sentenced Robinson to two years probation and banned her from owning animals during that time. Robinson must undergo a mental health evaluation, turn over ownership of the surviving horses, and pay restitution.

Ellie Troutman rescued the 13 surviving horses. Troutman provides the rehabilitative care necessary for those that made it to her Windy Meadows Farm in La Grange.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund ranks Kentucky at the bottom of the country when it comes to animal protection laws in it’s 2016 U.S. Animal Protection Laws Rankings.

This is the 10th year in a row that Kentucky has ranked 50th. One issue the report notes is that felonies are only available for cruelty and fighting, which doesn’t address animal neglect.