Court Prevents Re-victimization of Miranda One of the photos not allowed in evidence.

Jurors Find Cesar Parra Not Liable in Injured Horse Case

A jury decided Wednesday that New Jersey dressage trainer Cesar Parra is not liable for the devastating injuries sustained by a young stallion while he conducted a lunging training evaluation. It took the Hunterdon County Superior Court jury under three-hours to come to the unanimous decision.
New York horse trainer Trudy Miranda alleged her then 4-year-old Hanoverian stallion, William PFF, was permanently damaged by Parra’s negligence during the June 2009 incident. William PFF is unable to be ridden or used as a stallion due to the severe neurological injuries he sustained.
On the eve of the five-day trial’s start, the Piaffe Performance owner dropped his countersuit against Miranda. Parra had alleged Miranda harmed his professional reputation by filing the civil suit.
Judge Michael O’Neill barred the post incident video and photos of William PFF from admission into evidence. The Judge found the video of the stallion “violently thrashing and repeatedly failing to get up from his fall” prejudicial to Parra. Information about the “second training incident” alleged in the complaint was also not allowed into evidence.
Miranda has the opportunity to file an appeal.