Jump Aboard photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

Jump Aboard with Junior Equestrian Hailey Royce

Featured Haute Rider

Ride along with junior jumper rider Hailey Royce from the back of her horse, Rapidash, as they compete in the Modified Jumper Classic at a recent horse show.

The 11-year-old equestrian, from Illinois, says she likes wearing the GoPro Helmet Cam because it shows her how well she rode her course. “I like this view because you can see me turn my head and look for the next jump while I’m in the air. It took a lot of practice to look at the next jump before landing.”

The fences are set at 1.15 meter or 3’9″, with a variety of technical questions for horse and rider.

Royce began riding when she was 4-years-old. She moved to the jumper ring three-years ago and currently trains with Lorrie Canaday at Galway Farm in Long Grove.

Royce and Rapidash have enjoyed wins in St. Louis, Ocala, Wellington, and more. The pair is ranked in the top 10 in NAL and WIHS.

Mature beyond her years, Royce excels not only in the horse show ring, but also in school. She is a sixth-grade honor roll student.

Family support caps this young jumper rider’s success. Royce has her own Facebook page where you can follow her progress and travels during their horse show fun.