Judge Schedules Anne Goland Animal Cruelty Trial Big Red arrived at Central Virginia Horse Rescue 5 weeks ago from Anne Goland's farm. 

Judge Schedules Anne Goland Animal Cruelty Trial

A trial date has been scheduled for the Virginia rescue operator accused of maltreating dozens of horses and small animals. Anne Goland is scheduled to stand trial on February 19.

Goland, who also goes by the name Anne Shumate, is charged with 27 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. Ten horses were seized by authorities after Goland surrendered more than 80 horses and dozens of small animals. Goland operated the horse rescue Peaceable Farm and bred warmbloods.

Orange County Commonwealth Attorney Diana O’Connell asked the court for flexibility regarding the horses’ ownership. She said her office has been bombarded with people claiming ownership rights. Judge Edward Carpenter decided the county can dispose of the horses by selling, re-homing or give the seized horses back to their former owners. Those laying claim to the horses must provide documentation and complete a background check.
Some former owners may be allowed temporary custody rights to the horses as soon as the coming week. Although final disposition regarding ownership will be completed at a later date.
Goland has no ownership rights to the horses, but she was ordered by Judge Carpenter to pay the horses’ seizure bill. It is already over $10,000, but the final costs, which haven’t been determined, will also include the horses’ care until they find new homes.
Goland’s defense attorney Thomas Purcell told the court he would need ample time during sentencing if his client is found guilty at trial.


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