Court Prevents Re-victimization of Miranda William PFF sustained a career ending neurological injury, according to court documents.

Judge Reinstates New Jersey Suit against Cesar Parra

Recognizing legal disputes should be decided on their merits, not technicalities, a New Jersey judge reinstated a civil lawsuit brought by Trudy Miranda against embattled dressage trainer Cesar Parra. The suit alleges what is tantamount to cruelty and abuse to Miranda’s young stallion at the hands of Parra during a 2009 training session. Parra vehemently denies the allegations.  
Miranda, also a horse trainer, filed suit in 2011 after a training evaluation at Parra’s New Jersey facility left her young Hanoverian, William PFF, permanently injured. The original complaint alleges the horse’s injuries were a result of Parra’s negligence and his attempt to lunge the horse a second time after the initial incident, which was “in direct contravention of instructions from the treating veterinarian.” 
Parra filed a countersuit against Miranda in 2012 in which he alleges “mental anguish,” and “loss of income.” Parra will have the opportunity to amend his countersuit prior to January 23, 2014, according to the order.
The case has been wrought with legal antics and legal wranglings as Miranda’s case was dismissed without prejudice in July 2012 after her prior counsel, Jeffrey Pocaro, was personally sanctioned for being unprepared for trial to the detriment of his client, Miranda. The dismissal was a technical score for team Parra and a legal blow to Miranda who has been awaiting her day in court.
William Berman, Miranda’s new attorney, requested the case be reinstated and discovery be extended “to provide Plaintiff with an opportunity to have her day in Court without any further prejudice.”
Parra’s counsel not only opposed the reinstatement of Miranda’s case, but also stated there was no basis for the extension of discovery. His legal team sought a dismissal with prejudice. Such a ruling would have ended the case – leaving more questions than answers as to what happened to Miranda’s stallion at Piaffe Performance in 2009.
Judge Yolanda Ciccone granted Miranda’s motion. Additionally, a schedule has been set for pre-trial discovery.