Cesar Parra Pursued by Partner

Judge Orders Parra’s Passage Back to Court

“Direct evidence” that Cesar Parra sold the horse, Florence 115 is driving Judge Peter Buchsbaum to call an expedited hearing. He found the proof strong enough that the horse sold for $236,000*, and ordered the hearing to determine what relief should be awarded to the plaintiff, Carolyne Morgan.

Morgan’s attorney, Anthony Seijas, is asking the court to order the defendants to deposit $236,000* into the court’s escrow account plus attorney fees and costs. He has also asked for Parra to be penalized 1% for every day the money is not deposited with the clerk.
In May, the judge ordered the defendants to deposit all funds from the sale of the dressage horse into an escrow account with their attorney, Samuel Feldman. Despite the mandate, $131,000* was deposited into a Kentucky escrow account held by attorney Joel Turner. According to the escrow receipt, the money was transferred on February 2, months prior to the court order.
Seijas alleges Parra intentionally fabricated a sale for a lesser price after he already sold the mare to Mathias Kreig. Parra allegedly presented fake documents to the court to support the “sham sale.”
“At oral argument, when asked about the remaining funds, defendants could not tell this Court where the extra money was placed,” says the judge in his order.
The judge ruled against the defendants’ attempts to keep Morgan out of the courtroom by reinstating the amended complaint to the active trial list.
The hearing is scheduled for October 16.

*Rate My Horse PRO has converted the euro into dollar figures. The dollar amounts are approximate based on today’s conversion rate of 1 euro = $1.31. View Judge’s Order