Judge Orders Accused Animal Abuser's Horses Sold at Oklahoma Auction Authorities were too late to save this horse and others from death. Survivors are headed to auction (below).

Judge Orders Accused Animal Abuser’s Horses Sold at Oklahoma Auction

Update March 3, 2015

A flood of horses will hit the Oklahoma auction market after their alleged maltreatment by a horse breeder. A judge ordered all horses recently seized from Dan McWilliams sold.

In early February, more than 20 carcasses were found scattered on the property occupied by the former American Quarter Horse Association stallion owner. Authorities served a seizure warrant, allowing them to remove almost 200 animals.

More than 90 horses will be sold at Arrow P Equine Sales on Thursday, March 5th. Auction house owner Rodney Payne said, “these are nice horses.” He tells Rate My Horse PRO that the majority of the horses are “fat and in good condition.” Payne confirms the horses are not selling with any AQHA registration papers. The horses are already at the Tulsa Stockyards and are scheduled to by sold after 6PM Thursday. Payne said probably around 9PM.

A source tells us the McWilliams’ stock is made up of “well bred racing Quarter Horses.” Mares, stallions, geldings and foals are being sold and total 96 equines. Payne says a handful of horses are in emaciated condition including yearlings and a foal.

The defendant is not allowed to participate, purchase or engage anyone on his behalf to obtain any of the seized animals, according to the court order. McWilliams will receive the funds from the sale.

He was ordered to pay $63,000 to Pecan Creek Ranch. The farm provided care to animals since they were seized.

McWilliams is charged with 23 counts of felony cruelty to animals stemming from the death of 17 horses and six cows. McWilliams is accused of willfully or maliciously depriving the animals of “necessary food, drink, and care to prevent suffering; to which the animal did die from said deprivation,” according to the charging document.

Each felony cruelty to animals count carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison or up to a year in jail or a fine not to exceed $5,000.

McWilliams may face additional charges.

The auction house is located at:

913 North 161st East Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74116



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