Judge Approves Global Dressage Complex's Permit

Judge Approves Global Dressage Complex’s Permit

A judge issued an Order Friday, finding the Global Dressage Complex has met, or exceeded, permit regulations.

Charles and Kimberly Jacobs filed a legal challenge claiming the facilities were inadequate to accommodate the number of horses expected to use the facilities. The court states they “…provided no basis for the supposition other than speculation.””While Petitioners [Jacobs] have not “prevailed” in this case, they were clearly justified in taking what have been proven to be meritorious and commendable steps to ensure that the Applicants took seriously their responsibilities to their neighbors and the environment of designing and operating the Complex in compliance with the standards required by law” the judge said.

“This ruling is a huge step forward in ensuring that the Global Dressage Complex is a worldwide, premier equestrian event venue,” stated Mark Bellissimo.

The Jacobs can appeal the decision.

The parties are scheduled for mediation this week, according to Bellissimo and company’s attorney, John Fumero of Sundstrom, Friedman & Fumero, LLP. Past efforts to resolve the parties’ numerous legal issues through this channel have failed.

A call to the Jacobs’ attorney was not returned prior to publishing.