John Byrialsen Speaks Amid Abuse Allegations Dutch breeder John Bryialsen of Viergaard Stud

John Byrialsen Speaks Amid Horse Abuse Allegations

Horses Allegedly Dead

Dutch horse breeder John Byrialsen breaks his silence days after he was exposed for allegedly neglecting his horses.

Byrialsen spoke with the local Dutch station TV Midt-Vest telling his critics he is an animal lover. “I’ve always felt as if I had all the answers when it came to horses, but after watching that video… I no longer feel as if anything is working out anymore.” The international horse owner has been unable to escape reports of financial problems.

Authorities reportedly seized more than 50 horses from the Polish farm he reportedly rents for his operation.

“I am not brave. I am just human.” The modest words are spoken from the lips of the woman whose actions led to the seizure.

The anonymous 25-year old was an employee at the Polish breeding factory.

She spoke with about her fears after releasing the video she recorded in April and May of this year. The former worker says she wanted to help the horses. “Twenty horses died in my hands and before that, many more had died. I think maybe a hundred in total,” she says.

The Viergaard Stud owner attributes the horses’ downturn to his failure to visit the Polish farm over the last few months. “There is no excuse. It’s my own fault. I should have stayed there. I should have spent more time there.”

His explanation did not account for why 15 horses at his Denmark farm were “below the required welfare standard.” Authorities went to the property after the horrific conditions were discovered at the Polish stable.

Additionally, Byrialsen has ties to North America. He co-owns the United States Olympic dressage stallion, Calecto V. with Tina Konyot.