Jackson Posts Bond in Stolen Rodeo Horses Case Rodeo team members are interviewed after four of the stolen horses were found. The fifth horse, Credit Card, was killed.  Photo provided by SAU.

Jackson Posts Bond in Stolen Rodeo Horses Case

Update December 14, 2011

Horse Authority has just confirmed with McCurtain County Sheriff Officials that Jaci Rae Jackson is beingbooked into jail. She is charged with three felony counts including animal cruelty and a new unrelated charge of arson in the second degree.

A warrant has also been issued for her mother, Wendie Cox, in an arson case.

Update December 12, 2011

Judge Larry Chandler presided over Jaci Rae Jackson’s hearing and she did not fight extradition. She will be picked up and taken to Oklahoma to answer charges she faces there.

Hours after pleading not guilty in the stolen rodeo horses case Jaci Rae Jackson posted bond. However, she remains behind bars in Columbia County’s Detention Center. She now has to face additional charges in Oklahoma.

Jackson is scheduled to go before a judge for her extradition hearing on Monday according to Sergeant Donald Wray, although he says it could get pushed up to tomorrow. If Jackson doesn’t fight her extradition, Oklahoma authorities will have ten days to retrieve her. She is charged with three felonies in Oklahoma – moving stolen property into the state, knowingly concealing stolen property, and animal cruelty.

Investigators say Jackson could also face Federal charges in the case.