3 Including Jaci Rae Jackson Plead Guilty in SAU Horse Theft

Jaci Jackson’s Attorney Files Motion for Change of Venue

 The defense attorney for defendant Jaci Rae Jackson has filed a motion to move Jackson’s upcoming Arkansas trial to another venue. Michael Lusk and his client were before the court yesterday for a motions hearing.

In one of the motions filed, Lusk requests his client’s trial be moved from Columbia County to another within the 13th Judicial District. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney David Butler said Union County is the biggest county, and thought the trial should proceed in El Dorado.

Also filed by the defense was a motion regarding the evidence held by prosecutors. Lusk requested to gain access to the interviews, photos, and the pink notebook from the case. Butler agreed to hand over the evidence, but said he wasn’t familiar with the pink notebook.

The pink notebook was allegedly used by Jackson prior to the theft of the five horses from the Mulerider Stables. A witness told investigators that he observed her making notes “regarding the locations of the stalls of where the stolen horses were taken from as well as written physical descriptions of the stolen horses.”

Jackson was a Southern Arkansas University student and rodeo team member at the time of the horse thefts in early November 2011. She faces charges in Arkansas and Oklahoma for her alleged crimes.

Four of the five horses were found tied to trees and barely alive in Oklahoma. The fifth horse named Credit Card was shot and then butchered according to authorities.

A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for July 19. The case is scheduled to go to trial on July 26.