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Jaci Jackson Approved for Parole in Horse Theft Case

SAU Horse Theft Case Update

A former college rodeo team member convicted in a horse theft case may not be in prison much longer. The Arkansas Parole Board says it has approved Jaci Jackson’s parole.

Jaci Jackson
The Arkansas Parole Board says it has approved Jaci Jackson’s parole.

Jackson was convicted in 2014 of criminal conspiracy charges related to the stolen horses from Southern Arkansas University, located in Magnolia. She was sentenced to 10-years behind bars.

 She went before the Parole Board last week. According to the state, the offense is non-discretionary, meaning the board does not have the legal authority to deny Jackson’s parole. The board can stipulate a course of action to be completed prior to her release.

“Jackson will be released at a future date if she has obtained an approved residence and completed a course in Thinking Errors,” the state says. Her transfer eligibility date is February 2, 2016.

Once released, she will have to follow special conditions of maximum supervision, community service, drug testing, and more.

Five horses, equipment, and a horse trailer were stolen from the SAU rodeo team in November 2011. Four of the horses were found tied and starving. The fifth equine, named Credit Card, was found slaughtered, near Jackson’s childhood home in Oklahoma.

Jackson’s mother, Wendi Cox, masterminded the plot that involved two men as well. A jury found Cox guilty in the case. She was sentenced to 60-years in prison. Her appeals have been denied.