North Carolina Veterinarian Cardenas' License Suspended

Injury to Horse Results in Suspension of NC Veterinarian’s License

Fernando Cardenas, DVM Suspended

The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board has suspended the license of Wake County equine veterinarian Fernando Cardenas for multiple violations of the state’s Veterinary Practice Act. The violations include gross negligence and aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine.

The Board’s 10-page Consent Order states, as of July 1, 2017, Cardenas’ veterinarian license is suspended for one-year. If Cardenas complies with the ruling only the initial 30-days are an active suspension. For the remaining 11 months, Cardenas’ license is on probation.

"The penalty he [Dr. Cardenas] received by the NCVMB isn't nearly enough," says Kimberly Ely, who owns the Dutch Warmblood.
“The penalty he [Dr. Cardenas] received by the NCVMB isn’t nearly enough,” says Kimberly Ely, who owns the Dutch Warmblood named Ben.
Cardenas owns 3H Equine Clinic and Mobile Veterinary Services in New Hill, which also offers rehabilitation services.

The suspension of Cardenas’ license stems from injuries sustained by a Dutch Warmblood receiving rehabilitative care at 3H while Cardenas was out of the country.

The Order states 3H staff member Antonio Rivera directed employee Sally Henry to inject the horse Ben with xylazine. Henry mistakenly administered the injection into the gelding’s carotid artery, causing him to seizure and fall to the floor of the wash rack. The 13-year-old gelding suffered a nosebleed, cuts, scrapes, and internal injuries to his face.

Another 3H employee witnessed Henry giving the injection.

Ben’s owner Kimberly Ely of Cary filed a complaint with the state board leading to an investigation of the January 2016 incident.

The Board states Cardenas directed a 3H employee to state that Rivera administered the injection although the statement is untrue. During the Committee’s interview with Cardenas, he misrepresented that Rivera administered the injection when he knew Henry had given it. The Committee calls it “an untrue and deceitful statement”.

The Board also fined the veterinarian $5,000.

Cardenas could not be reached for comment.

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