Hyperbaric Chamber Explodes at Florida Vet Clinic stock photo of hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric Chamber Explodes at Florida Vet Clinic

 Updated February 14, 2012

An explosion in the hyperbaric chamber at the Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center in Florida leaves one woman dead. The Sheriff’s Office reports Erica Marshall (pictured), who managed the operation, was killed this morning in the accident.

Sorcha Moneley was transported by helicopter with unknown injuries to Gainesville. An eventing horse was also killed in the blast.

According to officials the two women were monitoring the horse by video at KESMARC when the horse started kicking inside the chamber. Authorities say they were trying to turn the chamber off and that is when the explosion occurred.

KESMARC is a rehabilitation facility for horses. The chamber is used to decrease the healing time of injuries and wounds.

To view photos of the building after the accident, go to WFTV.


Report released on hyperbaric chamber explosion



Hagyard Equine Facility in Kentucky, which is not affiliated with KESMARC, issued the following statement on Monday February 13th:
“While the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Equine Hyperbaric Chamber has an impeccable safety record, we are closing our system down until further notice to complete an extensive review of our safety protocols and procedures with the assistance of the manufacturer. This measure has been taken in response to the tragic accident involving a Hyperbaric Chamber in Florida this past Friday. We are proud that our hyperbaric medicine team received their training and certification at an Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society approved course. In addition, our director (Nathan Slovis DVM, DACVIM, CHT, CHVT ) and safety officer (Lynne Hewlett, CHT, CHVT) are certified as both human and veterinary Hyperbaric Technologists (HBOT). There is no other equine facility in the country with this level of continuing education, experience, and safety record in the field of equine HBOT. If you have any questions about hyperbaric medicine feel free to contact our facility at 859-253-0002.
Once again, we would like to express our condolences to those affected by the horrible accident at the Hyperbaric facility in Florida. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.”