Dozens of horses remain stranded in contaminated flood water at a San Jose, CA boarding stable.

Horses Stranded by San Jose Flooding

 28 Horses in Contaminated Flood Waters

Dozens of horses remain stranded in contaminated flood water at a San Jose, CA boarding stable Wednesday.

Horse owners are trying to help 28 horses at Cooksy Family Stables (formerly Hibbetts Farm) standing in the murky brown waters. The plan to feed and water the horses for the first time since Monday was mostly unsuccessful again early Wednesday.

Jenny Mosher is coordinating the rescue. She says only a handful of horses were fed because the boat got snagged in the swift current. Later attempts, to drop horse owners off to feed horses are proving successful. All of the horses have been fed. By 6 p.m., the owners were able to move the horses to areas of the property with less standing water.

Area officials ordered mandatory evacuations after the Coyote Creek Levee break Tuesday. Mosher tells us the flash flooding came fast that morning.

28 Horses Trapped at boarding stable due to San Jose Flooding
Horses trapped at Cooksy Family Stables due to flood waters

“Lots of tears have been shed by all of us for them [horse owners], with them, and for their horses,” Mosher adds.

A washed out entrance, rapidly flowing current, and debris continue to impede rescue efforts to save the horses, but flood waters are receding. Those involved are reportedly waiting until the water level goes down more before they attempt to move the horses. They have concerns about barb wire on the property and shifting equipment under the water.

People can tell us what to do all day long, but until they do any of this they have no idea how hard we’ve been working and how difficult the conditions are,” Mosher says. “It’s bad there. Really bad.”

Emergency responders warn of the contaminated floodwater. They say it stems from gasoline, sewage, oil, and chemicals.

Long-term exposure to flood water wreaks havoc on a horse’s body. Louisiana veterinarian Brennan Fitzgerald Lee compares the skin injuries to those of a “burn victim”.

We left a message for Cooksy Family Stables manager Kama Cooksy. She did not return our call prior to publishing.