Leadership for Business Learned at the Stable - Horse Sense stock photo by Conquero

Horses Inspire Leadership Lessons for Business Owners

Horse Sense

When thinking about business strategies you may not need to look further than the stable for a lesson on leadership, according to one successful business owner.

Gay Gaddis, the founder, and CEO of T3 says in order to survive tough times, businesses must have an effective leader. If you aren’t familiar with her technology agency, T3 is the largest independent advertising agency owned by a woman in the United States.

And Gaddis says her life with horses has taught her lessons of “horse sense” that she has taken from the barn and engaged in her business.

Although her Quarter Horse, Eugene is the smallest in the herd, he is at the top of the pecking order Gaddis explains. “…he is wily, friendly, confident and calm, amongst a herd that is prone to panic in a crisis. So, Eugene uses his unique abilities to help the herd weather storms.”

Gaddis offers four leadership lessons based on these principles at Fortune.com.