Jeanne Ryan MAX Jail Sentence and NO animal ownership for 15 years in New York animal cruelty case Jeanne Ryan gets the max jail sentence for 20 counts of animal cruelty.

Horses’ Deaths Land Max Jail Sentence in New York Animal Cruelty Case

Jeanne Ryan “heinous offense”

A New York Judge sentenced a Welsh Pony breeder to the maximum sentence of two years jail Thursday. It comes after the court found Jeanne Ryan, 52, of Goshen guilty of 20 counts of animal cruelty last month.

“Never has of animal abuse cried out for a lengthier term than a maximum of two years,” Orange County Judge Robert H. Freehill told the defendant.

To illustrate his point, Judge Freehill said it was hard to find such “inhuman behavior” in some of his homicide cases. “This is a heinous offense. It’s hard to say it wasn’t intentional…”

Ryan’s conviction on 10 counts of aggravated animal cruelty stems from nine horses’ deaths and the near starvation of a tenth. Shamus the pony was locked in a stall with the carcass of a former stablemate at Ryan’s Argus Farm. He ate wood in the stall since he had no food or water.

A former police officer, Ryan was also convicted of 10 misdemeanor counts for failure to provide her horses the necessary sustenance. Ryan’s attempts to blame her teen son were unsuccessful.

Judge Freehill told Ryan that she cannot own or have custody of any animal for 15 years. Additionally, Ryan will be listed in the Orange County Animal Abuser Registry during those years. The Registry was created in 2015 as a part of Rocky’s Law.

Albany and Rockland Counties also have Animal Abuser Registries.

The judge scheduled a hearing for October 2. He may award restitution for incurred expenses by the horse rescue that cared for the emaciated pony Shamus. The group is seeking just over $2500.


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