Horse Trainer Sentenced to Prison for Fraud

Horse Trainer Sentenced to Prison for Fraud

An Iowa Judge sentenced horse trainer Dennis Brouse today to the maximum penalty of ten years behind bars for fraud.

The former PBS horsemanship star from Nebraska was found guilty in March of fraudulent practices for securing millions of dollars in state film tax credits for his video production company, Changing Horses Productions. From March 2008 through September 2009, Changing Horses applied for and received expenditure and investment tax certificates for five separate projects. According to a state audit, Iowa issued excess tax credit certificates totaling almost $9.2 million for Changing Horses’ projects.

Changing Horses Productions produced a series of five horse training shows for TV and DVDs in which Brouse was the star, including ‘Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse.’ His show aired on as many as 170 PBS affiliates when the filming was suspended; it now airs on one public TV station.

The film program was shut down in 2009 after an audit showed millions of dollars were awarded improperly.



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