A Connecticut judge sentenced convicted sex offender Robert L. Johnson to 25 months in prison Tuesday for a third probation violation. Registered Sex Offender (CT) Robert L. Johnson

Horse Trainer May be Headed back to Prison

Robert L. Johnson

“All I did was slap her on the ass. When can I move on from this?”

A statement attributed to a registered sex offender and horse trainer Robert L. Johnson. It was given in testimony by his probation officer in court yesterday. Legal proceedings continued today along with Johnson still marketing his services to junior riders.

Under Connecticut law, Johnson is not to have contact with minors. However, Johnson’s website states he, “is called a “trainers trainer” because other professionals come to him for help with their horses as well as sending their kids to him.”

Robert Lee Johnson

The website promotes that he “has trained and coached hundreds of youth and amateurs to wins at State thru National levels.” Johnson is currently operating his business, Johnson’s Working Performance Horses, out of Woodstock Acres Riding Stable offering coaching and clinics in Woodstock, Connecticut.

We asked officials if they were aware of Johnson’s continued promotion of services to minors. Senior prosecutor Russell Zentner tells us he was not aware of Johnson’s website.

A judge ruled this morning that Johnson violated his probation when he attended the same horse show as his victim.

Johnson was given permission to attend the American Quarter Horse (AQHA) Congress in Ohio, however, he was instructed to be home and report back to his probation officer on October 7, 2010. His victim was arriving at the show two days later. Johnson returned to meet with his probation officer. He then went back to the Ohio show without permission – since his wife was competing – this according to his attorney during the court hearing. His victim saw him on the grounds and reported him.

Johnson was convicted in 2001 of molesting the then 14-year-old female riding student. The terms of his probation state he is not to have any contact with the victim, which includes being at the same horse show when she is in attendance.

This is Johnson’s second probation violation. He was found by a judge to have vandalized the farm he lost in a 2010 civil case in which a former male student accused Johnson of raping him multiple times. The student was awarded almost $1.7 million by a civil court jury and judge. Johnson was ordered to turn over his horse farm, formerly known as Quarry Town Stables, as part of the settlement. Zentner says Johnson was mandated to pay $17,000 for the vandalism he caused, although he hasn’t satisfied the debt.

Johnson was released from prison in 2004 after serving nine months of a six-year sentence. Zentner has recommended a sentence of 40 months in prison although Johnson could receive more than five years behind bars for this crime.

He will be sentenced Monday afternoon.