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Childhood Animal cruelty and link to child abuse

Childhood Animal Abusers Likely Abused: Researchers

Children who abuse animals are up to three times more likely to be victims of abuse themselves... ...
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How to Stay Sane, Keep your Horse Happy Horse Showing

How to Stay Sane while Horse Showing

The horse, unaware of his human’s plans, is left wondering what the heck happened to his formerly happy, relaxed rider. While it's tempting to push ourselves and our horses to move up a level, the truth is, good horse tra...
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FDA warns serious health effects for people exposed to Regu-mate

FDA Warns: Health Risks for People Exposed to Altrenogest

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that exposure when treating a horse with synthetic progesterone may cause serious health risks. The drug, marketed as Regu-mate, may cause adverse events, some of which have ...
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Find out why Rhodococcus equi may be more prevalent this year and how to protect your foals from pneumonia.

How to Keep Young Foal Lungs Healthy

An equine veterinarian warns horse owners that respiratory disease in young foals may be more prevalent this year. Find out why and how to keep your foals healthy......
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Patricia Elder: Riders from the Far Side of 40

It Sneaks up on You [Riding on Far Side of 40]

This column is all about you - the mid-lifers, the reriders, and "older" adult ammies. About us, actually, as I’m firmly planted in our demographic of those Riding on the Far Side of 40. I’m here to celebrate our str...
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California officials imposed a quarantine at a San Mateo County horse facility after testing confirmed a pony positive for EHM.

EHV Cases Confirmed in California Horses: Quarantine

Veterinarians recommend vaccinating against EHV-1 to help prevent the virus. Although, there is no current vaccine that prevents the neurological manifestation of the infection. ...
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#kcsqaured #laurentatumevents

Equestrians Cuoco and Cook Officially KCSQUARED

Kaley Cuoco married fellow equestrian Karl Cook in San Diego Saturday. Cuoco announced their nuptials with "Legally KCSQUARED 6-30-18."...
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How can you protect your horses from equisetum - a weed toxic to horses?

Toxic Plant in Utah Hay Blamed for 9 Horse Deaths

As a result, the hay masked the less palatable toxic plant. Commonly called "horsetail," horses are highly susceptible to illness or death due to equisetum toxicity when consumed in large amounts. ...
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Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler Sentenced

UPDATE: Stanley, Sadler Sentenced in Animal Cruelty Case

The crime was heinous. A Louisiana judge sentenced two men after they both pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty in April. Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler ......
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Horse Owner Farrier Relationship

Partnership with Farrier Crucial to Your Horse's Success

The relationship between farrier and horse owner or trainer is an important, yet often overlooked, part of the success of the equine athlete. Here's how to get the most from it from AFA Certified Journeymen Farriers....
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Life lessons taught training dressage horses

Revel in the Ride

While I was still showing dressage on the gelding, I bought a Dutch Warmblood foal. Zamboni had good, uphill conformation, good bloodlines, and a really good canter. All of the necessary ingredients for a successful dre...
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Oregon Horse Sues Former Animal Abuser for $100K

Oregon Horse Sues Former Animal Abuser for $100K

An Oregon horse named Justice is suing his formerly abusive owner to recover costs of more than $100,000. The Animal Legal Defense Fund says, if successful, the suit would establish that animals have a legal right to sue...
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EHV-1 is highly contagious get the scoop

EHV-1: What Horse Owners Should Know

Equine herpesvirus or EHV-1 is highly contagious to horses and can be deadly when horses develop the neurologic form called equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy (EHM). Learn how to help prevent the spread of the virus ...
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FEI Slaps American Eventers with 12-mo Anti Doping Ban

FEI Slaps American Eventers with 12-mo Doping Ban

The FEI Tribunal has approved settlement agreements leading to 12-month anti-doping bans for three American eventers. Samples pulled from eventers Alyssa Phillips, Hannah Burnett, and Jennie Brannigan at the Ocala-...
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A cowgirl bodly saves a horse running down Texas highway - all caught on video.

Cowgirl Boldly Saves Horse on TX Highway [VIDEO]

Maybe things got too overwhelming for this Quarter Horse at his Texas stable so he left it all behind. Who doesn't know that horses aren't the most rational thinkers? In the game of life, they are all flight. ...
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Lemontree Welsh Ponies Breeder Jimmy Lee Lemon is Charged with Animal Neglect

Owner Charged after 60 Ponies Neglected: Iowa Officials

The owner of Lemontree Welsh Ponies is facing animal neglect charges after Iowa officials uncover almost 60 maltreated ponies. They also found two ponies dead at the horse property. Jim Lemon and his wife Teresa once a...
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Did Tara Sanders shoot Platinum Ticket?

Platinum Ticket: 80K American Horses Shipped to Slaughter [VIDEO]

When the film begins, the gray Thoroughbred finds himself injured and emaciated, at a low-end auction, although the viewer gets insight into happier times during the horse's life. Platinum Ticket is purchased along with do...
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Horse Authority: Champions of social change for horse welfare

What Does Our New Name Mean for Horse Welfare?

Rate My Horse PRO is now Horse Authority. Passion led us here in 2010, while purpose drives us to improve. Horse Authority combines innovation, technology, and good business to deliver sustainable solutions that posit...
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Horse's Agreed Value vs. Horse's Actual Cash Value

How to Find Your Best Equine Insurance

When considering purchasing equine mortality insurance you may come across different terms related to your horse's value. These include “agreed value” and “actual cash value” (fair market value). So what's it all...
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Monica Thors Horse Cruelty Case

Thors Gets Second Chance in NJ Animal Cruelty Case

Monica Thors A New Jersey judge gives an animal cruelty defendant the chance to have felony charges brought against her dismissed. Monica Thors, 57, of Mullica Hill must complete one-year of diversion, altho...
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