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Contacting your equine insurance company in an emergency is always a condition of coverage. Failure to report your horse's illness or injury can cause your horse's policy to become null and void. Notifying the insurance company of a problem does not force you to make a claim. It simply makes the insurance company aware of a potential problem.

Maintaining Your Equine Insurance Policy

Contacting your equine insurance company in an emergency is always a condition of coverage. Failure to report your horse's illness or injury can cause your horse's policy to become null and void. Notifying the insurance co...
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Horse & Rider: Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary

3 Commitments Every Great Horse Rider Makes

Most of my riding students may look like ordinary riders with ordinary horses. What makes them exceptional? And, how can you do the same? Find out here... ...
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Power of perception in horses

When you change the way you look at things...

American philosopher and self-help author Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." As midlife riders, a lot goes into how we look at things or mental power. ...
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Equine Microchip Look-up Tool Streamlining horse identification with microchipping look up tool

Universal Equine Microchip Look-Up Tool being Developed

Therefore, a universal look-up tool could streamline horse identification worldwide with equine industry cooperation. So, no matter where the horse originated or the horse's breed, a quick search would allow users to identi...
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Don't Trust, Verify with Certified Background Checks

Don't Trust, Verify Like a Boss

Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines knows the sting of losing more than $45,000 after a bad hire. The organization learned the hard way, choose the smart solution with due diligence using background checks. President Samuel Gri...
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Perfectly preserved 40,000-year-old horse found in Siberia, scientists say

40,000 Year Old Horse Preserved by Ice Age: Scientists

Scientists unearthed a baby horse that they say lived 40,000 years ago in Siberia. A joint expedition by scientists from Russia and Japan led to the treasure. Researchers estimate the foal was three-months-old when it d...
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Rita Crundwell stole $53 million from Dixon, IL and no one noticed.

Rita Crundwell Makes Netflix Debut

The documentary's filmmaker Kelly Richmond Pope, Ph.D., CPA, is a forensic accounting expert. She began interviewing people immediately after Crundwell’s April 2012 arrest and firing....
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Set goals then ride to victory

How to Enjoy Your Equestrian Journey [Even When it Sucks]

For us, as equestrians, we are challenged daily as students learning the art of equestrianism since we are never done learning. Although we may eventually become really good riders or horse trainers, there’s no such thing...
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Equine Health & Disease Alerts August 2018 Horse Authority

Equine Disease Alerts: August

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) proves deadly for Georgia horses. State officials confirm three horses were euthanized after testing positive for the blood-borne disease....
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Riding with an Attitude of Gratitude: Adulting

Riding with an Attitude of Gratitude: Adulting

Riding with an attitude of gratitude is a perk of becoming an adult re-rider or midlifer since we look at the world differently. If you're ......
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Hunter/jumper trainer EMC International Evan Coluccio Charged in Multiple States

Evan Coluccio Rides Course to Jail on Felony Charges

Unmasking Evan Coluccio. The hunter/jumper PRO has active criminal cases in at least two more states currently. An exclusive story only from Horse Authority....
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Cool allegedly starved by Holly Stanley

Pony Breeder Charged after Stallion Allegedly Starved

New York pony breeder Holly Stanley is facing two counts of animal cruelty after allegedly starving a pony stallion. ...
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The Zen Approach to Buying Equine Insurance

The Zen Approach to Buying Equine Insurance

Here's an important question to ask your insurance broker before purchasing loss of use insurance. If a claim is filed, what happens to your horse? Click to find out why....
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Why your horse business' llc may not protect your personal liability across state lines

LLCs: Considerations when Doing Horse Business Out-of-State

In the highly transient equine industry, many create and utilize limited liability company (LLC) entities in their home state. What happens to the protections and advantages of your LLC, formed in one state, when you con...
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Biting insects typically transmit EIA, also known as swamp fever, which is a blood-borne illness.

Equine Disease Alerts: July

An Oklahoma horse rescue may feel the financial sting after bringing a horse into the state without a Coggins. The horse was confirmed positive with equine infectious anemia ... ...
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Do you practice wisdom or intelligence on your horse more?

Is Intelligence or Wisdom more Useful with Horses?

Whether you're getting back into horses after an absence of a decade or three, just entering the world of horse ownership, or have had horses your entire life, there is a myriad of things you'll need to learn or understand ...
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pony death and inaction at equine sanctuary leads to investigation and 62 animal cruelty charges against Sarah Rabinowitz. She owns Labrador Hill Equine Sanctuary in NJ

Pony Death Prompts Animal Cruelty Charges at Horse 'Sanctuary'

The owner of New Jersey's Labrador Hill Equine Sanctuary faces 60+ counts of animal neglect and cruelty. A pony's death precipitated events that landed Sarah Rabinowitz (Mognoni) in trouble with the law. ...
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Draft mini gets gift to run

Baby Dwarf Mini Horse is Crippled Until Gift Arrives

A dwarf mini horse born with crippling leg deformities is unable to walk easily. Then Baby Pumpkin received an amazing gift that made her step as big as her spirit. ...
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Childhood Animal cruelty and link to child abuse

Childhood Animal Abusers Likely Abused: Researchers

Children who abuse animals are up to three times more likely to be victims of abuse themselves... ...
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How to Stay Sane, Keep your Horse Happy Horse Showing

How to Stay Sane while Horse Showing

The horse, unaware of his human’s plans, is left wondering what the heck happened to his formerly happy, relaxed rider. While it's tempting to push ourselves and our horses to move up a level, the truth is, good horse tra...
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