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Horse Fraud Survey

Horse Fraud in the Equine Industry: Take the Survey

The survey includes a wide variety of horse fraud and scam types. You'll find everything from horse sales fraud to kill pen fraud, whi...
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Prep for Hurricane Season and Horses: 5 Tips for Before the Storm

5 Hurricane Prep Tips for Horse Owners

Hurricane Dorian is set to strike Florida's east coast. Here are 5 tips to keep your horses safe from the leading causes of horse dea...
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Cargill is issuing a voluntary recall of Southern States horse feed. It comes as a result of elevated aflatoxin levels which can poison your horse resulting in sickness and death, according to veterinarians.

Cargill Recalls Southern States Horse Feed Due to Aflatoxins [RECALL EXPANDED: UPDATE]

Cargill now recalls 11 types of Southern States equine feed due to elevated aflatoxins which can poison your horse resulting in sickn...
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FBI Labels Animal Cruelty a Crime Against Society

Animal Cruelty a Crime Against Society: FBI [2019 Update]

Research shows animal abusers are more likely to also harm people. It is this link that inspired the Federal Bureau of Investigation...
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CBD Positives in Horses Will Result in Drug Penalties: USEF

Hay! CBD Not for Horses, USEF Warns

US Equestrian warns horse owners that CBD positives will result in equine drug violations this fall. ...
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Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy (EHM) Confirmed in Texas Horse after Reining Event

Equine Disease Alerts: April 2019

EHM Confirmed in Texas Horse after Oklahoma Reining Event - The neurologic disease is caused by the equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1)...
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EHM Cases in Arizona, Idaho: One Horse Euthanized

Equine Disease Alerts: March 2019

The state reports an 8-year-old Quarter Horse located in Maricopa County recently returned from the Dixie Classic barrel race at th...
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seized horses from thompson horse lot

Thompson Horse Lot: Animal Cruelty Charges Filed

A Louisiana kill pen family member faces 18 counts of animal cruelty. Are more charges coming after authorities seized 18 horses from...
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Miami Animal Import Horse Quarantine Reopens after 4 Horses Die

Miami Animal Import Horse Quarantine Reopens after 4 Horses Die

Horse quarantine: illness unknown The Miami Animal Import horse quarantine facility reopens after four horses died from a still uni...
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22 horses die on Santa Anita racetrack

Los Angeles DA Investigates 22 Horse Deaths at Santa Anita Racetrack

Racing continues March 29 The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office is investigating 22 horse deaths at Santa Anita Park in Cal...
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18 Horses Seized from Thompson Kill Pen

18 Horses Seized from Thompson Kill Pen for Alleged Neglect

Louisiana officials seized 18 horses from Thompson Horse Lot & Co. on Wednesday. ...
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The Gray Goose and Kim Walnes

Unlikely Champion Turned Eventing Legend [VIDEO]

He was an unlikely champion."He was terribly frightened," says Kim Walnes who purchased The Gray Goose in Ireland as a six-year-ol...
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Officials from the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) state seven of the EIA positive "racing Quarter Horses" and another horse on-site tested positive for a secondary infectious disease called equine piroplasmosis (EP).

Equine Disease Alerts: February 2019

EP is a tick-borne disease that affects horses, donkey, mules, and zebras. Specifically, its caused by the protozoa Babesia caballi...
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Olivia Kasper and bad horse deals pony - she shares how to protect yourself

Horse Buying Common Cents or Dirty Secrets?

What to look for when horse buying? Buying a new horse is an exciting time for any rider. However, the more time I spend in the equi...
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Horse Appraisal Services for Equine Litigation - What Questions to Ask before you Hire an Equine Appraiser

15 Questions to Ask Potential Equine Appraisers before Equine Litigation

Equine law cases While you probably hired a successful equine attorney, an equine appraiser provides important keys to help unlock y...
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Three Horses Die from Mystery Illness at Miami Animal Import Center

Equine Disease Alerts January 2019

Three Horses Die from Mystery Illness at Miami Animal Import Center A total of six horses were impacted and three are dead, “des...
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What do you need to know about equine appraisers?

What does an Equine Appraiser Do?

As a horse owner, have you ever wondered what an equine appraiser does? Or, how to select the most qualified equine appraisal expe...
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Haley Gassel amateur equestrian jumper with horses

Equestrians, Reinvent Your Fitness for Riding [I Did]

Previously, I was the equestrian who thought a fitness regimen consisted of riding horses and doing barn work in the stable. Don't ge...
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Financial fraud hits Masterson Farms for $800K+. Who are you hiring?

Masterson Farms Manager Sentenced to Prison for $800K+ Fraud

"Financial fraud can happen anywhere and can be devastating to local businesses," U.S. Attorney D. Michael Dunavant cautions. "The ...
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Amateur equestrian horse showing success and sanity how-to with the Kasper Sisters.

5 Ways Amateur Equestrian Spurs Success (+ Enjoys Sanity)

As amateur equestrians, the journey is satisfying, although sometimes overwhelming. When something doesn't go as planned at a horse sh...
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EIA Positive Horses Colorado - Kill Pen

Colorado State Vet: EIA Positive Horse in "Unknown Location"

In a Horse Authority exclusive, Colorado's state veterinarian tells us the location of a horse infected with the deadly disease Equi...
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horse treats homemade delights

Pony Cookies Homemade with Love

Christmas means family, friends, and all of this puts me in the mood to bake, even for my ponies. A half cup flour, a quarter cup oats...
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Colorado EIA State Quarantines Fremont County Horse Stable

Equine Disease Alerts for December

Colorado veterinary officials report a fourth is positive with the deadly Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). A veterinarian tested th...
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Emanuel Andrade has no contact with 17 horses seized by feds they tell Horse Authority

Emanuel Andrade "No Contact" with Seized Show Horses: Feds

It may be the biggest fall of equestrian Emanuel Andrade's life due to the collapse of his family's wealth. The feds tell us the 22-y...
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Gina Gregory Law Offices _ CA AG Case Scam Charities

$8+ Million Verdict Against Gregory Family for Horse Rescue Scam Charities: California AG

California's top attorney announced a jury verdict of almost $8.8 million in favor of the state against equestrian turned lawyer Gina...
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