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Horse Authority's Equine Attorney Directory is where the equine industry goes to find experienced equine law representation.

Common sense and due diligence are essential to ensure successful equine business transactions. For that reason, it is critical to have a trusted equine lawyer drafting your contracts and advising you before you sign on the dotted line of someone else's horse contract.

Equine attorneys handle a broad range of equine law matters, which include much more than equine contracts and liability releases. Be proactive now rather than reactive later.

Other horse-related legal matters include equine products liability, the small horse business and taxes, horse insurance issues, litigation due to deceptive horse sales practices, and immigration authorization for equine employment. 

So how do you find a qualified equine attorney to meet your horse-related law needs? 

Start by thinking about what you want to accomplish. You want an equine lawyer that is experienced and has an established history of success, whether, through case settlements, wins at trial or by other measures, depending on your needs.

The goal is to find someone you trust and feel confident with before you begin a potentially lengthy legal process. 

If you're an equine lawyer or solicitor, add your listing now! Never has advertising been this good that is this inexpensive!

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