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Horse Authority is the horse owner’s trusted source for proven, knowledge-based solutions since 2010.

Horse Marketplace follows the successful 2015 launch of the Equine Attorney Directory for equine lawyers. That’s because our team has been assisting equine industry victims and equine law, since 2010.

Now, you can reach actively engaged equestrians from all breeds and disciplines when you add your listing. The Horse Marketplace offers free horse classifieds and equine-related directory solutions.


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Horse Authority elevates the online shopping experience through authentic equestrian business exchanges between buyers and sellers.

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Above all, your purchases are key to impacting positive change for horses through the implementation of smarter horse welfare solutions!


Kickstart your equine marketing now with a Horse Marketplace listing before limited time price savings disappear like hoof prints on a sandy shore.

Kickstart your equine marketing now with a Horse Marketplace listing at before limited time price savings disappear like hoof prints on a sandy shore.


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Good account “stablekeeping”

A free, registered account is necessary to place your Horse Marketplace classified or directory listings.

Users cannot share an account.

Furthermore, every person including individuals representing a business can only have one registered account. The site offers a simple, immediate password recovery solution.

Adding your Horse Marketplace listing is quick and easy. Need to step away from the process? No problem, save and come back later.

Consequently, your registered account offers additional functionality across the site, including the ability to post in the site’s friendly, supportive horse forum community the Horse | U Forum.

You should crop listing photos horizontally. Horse Authority optimizes all photos.


The optimal photo size for listings is 720 px wide x 420 px tall, which is horizontal.


Do not upload poor quality photos (ie, distorted, blurry, etc).

Help your listing come alive through descriptive language rather than keyword stuffing. You want the right buyer, not a group of tire-kickers, so be specific.

Please gain permission from professional photographers for copyrighted photos prior to using them in the Horse Marketplace. In the case of a dispute, photographers should make contact with the listing owner to try to resolve the situation prior to involving Horse Authority. 

Accordingly, do not use watermarked photo proofs.

Horse Authority reserves the right to reject or remove advertising that is contrary to our advertising/design philosophy.



If you have questions or want to know how to protect yourself from online scams, please go to the Help Desk or contact us.