Thoroughbred Pedigree Consultant, Breeding, Racing, Sales Selections KY-FL-NY-MD


 Equine Appraisers / K.C. Jakeman

K.C. Jakeman is a retired commercial thoroughbred breeder, farm owner, and racing manager.

25 years of industry experience, owning, breeding, & racing thoroughbreds on the east and west coast.

Senior Appraiser – Author – Speaker – Horse Advocate – Expert witness & loss evaluations

I am not an attorney, but I am very comfortable in a courtroom setting.

Personal experience as a racing manager, farm owner, and farm manager testifying under oath as an expert witness in loss evaluation, neglect, and professional mismanagement.

Specialties: Equine lending asset base appraisals, insurance valuations, & loss of use valuations.

Equine supplement: Alpha Boost Juice manufacturer since 1999.

Thoroughbred Pedigree Consultant, Breeding – Racing & Sales selections KY-FL-NY-MD



  • Services : Consultant, Equine Appraiser, Equine Expert Witness
  • Proven areas of expertise : Animal Welfare, Appraisals, Care, Custody, and Control, Equine Appraisals, Equine Valuation, Horse Breeding, Horse Husbandry, Horse Safety, Horse Welfare, Stable Management
  • How many years of experience do you have? : 25 years
  • Equine experience : Senior appraiser, commercial lending asset base appraiser, insurance valuations