Rita Crundwell stole $53 million from Dixon, IL and no one noticed.

Horse Breeder in Theft Scandal Fired

The Dixon City Council voted today to fire the comptroller that rocked their mid-western community with scandal.

Top American Quarter Horse Breeder Rita Crundwell was arrested early last week for allegedly stealing more than $30 million over six years. Documents state the proceeds from her alleged theft went to fund her farm Meri-J Ranch, one of the largest AQHA breeding farms in the country and allowed her to live a lifestyle beyond her $80,000 CFO salary.

Crundwell reportedly submitted a letter of resignation over the weekend. The Chicago Tribune states commissioners still voted to terminate Crundwell for falsifying city records, misconduct, criminal conduct and misappropriation of city funds.

Crundwell will be back in court in early May for a status hearing.