Robert Dimmitt horse abuse Oklahoma horse trainer Robert Dimitt is accused of cutting the frog out of horses' hooves to "make them run faster".

Hoof Carving Trainer Charged with Additional Counts of Animal Cruelty: Docs

Robert Dimitt Charged

Robert Dimitt animal cruelty
Robert Dimitt

An Oklahoma horse trainer accused of cutting the frogs out of horses’ hooves to “make them run faster” is charged with two more counts of animal cruelty. Robert Dimitt is charged with five felony counts of animal cruelty for his alleged acts of horse abuse.

The new charges stem from the malicious and cruel mutilation of two-American Quarter Horses Association racehorses named Vod Kanockers and Clouds Aflyin, according to the charging document. Both horses were in Dimitt and Ty Blackwell’s care. Blackwell was the horses’ trainer on paper since Dimitt doesn’t have a racing license due to doping violations.

Vod Kanockers was in the trainers’ care from August 2013 until June 2015. Blackwell told authorities he observed Dimitt cut the horse’s feet until the horse bled.

Vod Kanockers
Vod Kanockers

Blackwell stated he put the horse on the hot walker at Blue Ribbon Downs in June and the animal died. No medical treatment from a veterinarian was ever sought.

Clouds Aflyin was in the trainers’ possession from October 2014 until June 2015. Blackwell said he watched Dimitt cut the filly’s hooves at Blue Ribbon Downs on May 30. He says Dimitt cut them until they bled since he [Dimitt] believed it would help enhance her performance.

Clouds Aflyin was moved back to Dimitt’s barn. Blackwell said the filly’s condition was so bad that one or more of her hooves rotted off before she died in June. Blackwell stated veterinarian treatment was never sought because a vet would know, “something is not right and there would be a good chance the cops … and the racing commission would be called.”

Dimitt was arrested on August 3rd after an owner sent for his horses to be picked up so they could have a break. They were found mutilated and dead.

Dimitt has denied the allegations against him. A criminal investigation has reportedly been opened in New Mexico as well.

Dimitt is scheduled to be back in court on October 28.