The Equine Smartbit

Hi-Tech Horse Bit Claims Real-time Communication

Equine Smartbit

Equestrians may be able to see how their horse is feeling in real-time thanks to a new wearable high-tech device for equines.

The makers of the Equine Smartbit say it will improve equine health by giving the horse’s rider a overview of their mount. Included in the physiological picture is how feed, digestion, injury and other measurements impact the horse.Equine Smart Bit can record real-time biometric activity to enhance a horse's performance and fitness.

The bit allows real-time biometric data streams and gives a composite of the horse’s energy level.

“It’s about time that animals have the ability to tell humans how they are feeling,” Ann Sears, one of the owners and investors of Equine Smartbit, LLC said.

“When I saw the horse’s metabolism (Blood O2%, Temp., BPM and more) being accurately read by the smartbit developed by the company, my jaw dropped and I realized the implications for all animals.”

The high-tech horse bit helps increase the odds of winning in endurance racing and equine performance sports, the company claims. And they say they have the patents to prove their claims.

The specialized bit is launching soon.